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Our primary mission is to help people leave a legacy. Each client receives our collective knowledge and attention to detail, while a personalized legal needs analysis helps us guide our clients in solution-based directions. Clients seeking legal guidance consider us their legal partner for life.

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Estate Planning

Providing comfort and security, having your estate planning established and prepared ensures that your wishes will be met when the time comes that you can no longer express them.

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The legal process for administering a decedent’s estate, we can assist you in opening a probate for a loved one who lived in Kentucky no matter where you currently reside. 

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Determining how an individual’s assets will be preserved, managed, and distributed after death, estate planning takes into account the management of an individual’s medical, financial, and day-to-day affairs in the event that they become incapacitated.

Empowering individuals with knowledge regarding their estate plan through our 25-minute on demand webinar, you will be entitled to a free estate planning consultation with one of our attorneys upon completion. 

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Serving Kentucky for over 30 years, Stone Legal Group, LLC personalizes the practice of law. Focusing on Probate and Estate Planning, each client receives our collective knowledge and attention to detail, customized to each individual.

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