4 Reasons You May Need More Than a Will in Kentucky

The most common thought that comes to mind when considering end of life planning is a Will. It's the single document that everyone should have.

However, there are times when someone would need more than a Will. They may have a need for a trust, power of attorney, or other tools that a probate attorney can provide.

Here are 4 reasons you may need more than a Will:


There are times when a simple Will won't be useful when it comes to leaving some property. If you want to put property into a trust to prevent excess tax burdens, or it's held in joint tenancy, you will need more than a Will.


Do you have a special needs adult child, or another loved one that needs special care? You'll want to identify a guardian, and secure financial support for them. You will need more than a Will for this.


Want to create less stress, both emotionally and financially, on your loved ones? If you have a medium-large estate, you'll want more than just a Will to reduce long battles after death.

Specific Funeral Arrangements

If you only have a Will, it won't be read until after you are buried. If you would like specific instructions followed concerning your funeral, you'll need advanced planning, as well as legal documentation. (You'll also want to share it with your loved ones in advance.)

Wills are recommended for everyone. They help create less confusion and stress after you pass. But there may be circumstances when you need more, and contacting a probate attorney is always a good idea when you have a question regarding your estate planning.