How to Locate Assets of Deceased Individual

Life Insurance & Annuities

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) has a NAIC Life Insurance Policy Locator Service on their website that assist individuals in locating life insurance policies and annuity contracts of a deceased family member or close relationship.  Once you fill out the request online, the NAIC will ask participating companies to search their records to determine whether they have a life insurance policy or annuity contract in the name of the deceased.  They will ask the participating companies that have policy information to respond to the requester if the requester is the designated beneficiary or is authorized to receive the information (i.e. Executor/Administrator of the estate in a probate proceeding).

Unclaimed Money in the Commonwealth of Kentucky

The Kentucky State Treasurer has an Unclaimed Property Search feature on their website.  The Kentucky Unclaimed Property Fund is managed through Missing Money, a national database of unclaimed property.  Missing Money is a partnership between the Kentucky State Treasury, The National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators, and Xerox.  The partnership employs the latest technology to provide nationwide search services. Claimants are able to use this service to search the database and determine if they or a loved one has property to claim.

Unclaimed Money held by the United States Government

The United States Government has numerous resources on its’ website where you can search for Unpaid Wages, Unclaimed VA Life Insurance Funds, Pensions from Former Employers, IRS Tax Refunds, and Unpaid Foreign Claims.

Personal Records Organizer

The best way to make sure your property does not go unclaimed upon your death is to download and complete our free Personal Records Planner.  This is a comprehensive document that will keep all of your essential information in one location for use by your personal representative, spouse, child or trusted friend upon you incapacitation or death.  By completing same, this will help negate the need for your loved ones to perform an extensive property search, as the Personal Records Planner will contain all of the necessary information regarding your assets and accounts (including digital accounts).