Pre-Deployment Checklists

For service members and their spouses, significant others, loved ones and trusted friends, we recommend using the following checklists before deployment to ensure you have completed paperwork needed during or after you/your service member deploys. You should also download our free Personal Records Organizer which will keep all relevant information in one place.

Legal Matters Checklist

  • Create/update your Last Will and Testament so that you can provide for your spouse, significant partner, children, other family members and/or loved ones.

  • Create/update your Durable Power of Attorney so that your financial and medical matters can be handled when you are unable to do so yourself (due to deployment and/or medical or mental incapacity).

  • Create/update your Living Will to state your wishes regarding life-prolonging treatment.

  • Consider establishing a joint bank account with your spouse so that bills can be easily paid.

  • Review your current life insurance coverage (i.e. coverage amount and named beneficiaries).

  • If you are currently renting your home and need to cancel your lease, notify your property management company of your deployment. Understand your rights under the Service Members Civil Relief Act, here:

Legal Documents

Keep these original documents (if applicable) together in a secure place:

Keep copies of the following documents (if applicable) together in a secure place:

  • Insurance policies (including life, health, home, and vehicle)

  • Tax records

  • Court orders (e.g., child support and custody documents or divorce paperwork)

  • Social Security cards for all family members

  • Birth certificates for all family members

  • Marriage license

  • Passports and or Visas for all family members

  • Military ID cards for all family members

  • Vehicle titles, registrations and insurance cards

  • Copy of your most recent Leave & Earning Statement

  • Temporary and Permanent Duty Orders

  • Update your Emergency Data Card

  • Update Record of Emergency Data (DD Form 93)

  • Confirm all family members have all necessary medical and dental information

  • Create a list of important phone numbers and email addresses for both the service member and family. Personal Property Checklist (if applicable)

  • Notify your homeowners insurance if your home will be vacant during deployment

  • Notify your renters insurance if you are storing your belongings in a storage facility

  • Make sure you have the appropriate household goods/personal property insurance

  • If you own firearms, make sure they are registered with the appropriate authority and that your spouse/family member is trained to operate them

Financial Matters Checklist

  • Notify your credit card companies that you will be deployed

  • Make sure your family will have money available to them on a continuous basis

  • If you have a safe deposit box, make sure a family member has a key

  • Create a record of accounts with account information and bill due dates (this can be stored in your Personal Records Organizer)

  • Set up automatic payments for bills (if desired) and make sure the credit cards you are using will not expire during deployment

  • Create a list of any computer or banking passwords (this can be stored in your Personal Records Organizer)

Stone Legal Group, PLLC would like to thank you and your family for your service and sacrifice.